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Santa Cruz Sand & Muscle

The client wanted to brand a concept for a ‘Muscle Beach’ in Santa Cruz, with a nature-inspired, holistic health (and a little granola) twist. Aiming to be an upscale gym on or near the beach, offering bodybuilding, fitness training, yoga, cardio, etc.


Logo design, brand identity


Rique Villa



The plan is to have the gym be partially outdoors with amenities like shaded coverage, misters, heaters (to extend the workout hours), a full service juice bar, and all of your typical gym comforts.

With a tourist spectacle element; patrons from out of town can buy day/week passes, organic superfood smoothies/juice/muscle milks/healthy snacks from the cafe as well as club apparel.


I wanted to create a unique set of icons specific to the theme of fitness and well-being which are consistent with the color palette. The icons will be used in advertisements, apparel, and other marketing materials. 

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