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Odoo Inc.

As a member of the design team in the marketing department, my duties vary from OOH campaigns to social media content and EVERYTHING in between. 


Advertising & marketing, graphic design (web/print), art direction, social media, event promo/materials, and presentation design.


Odoo Inc.



I've had the pleasure of working on an extremely wide range of projects at Odoo. With goals of bettering the brand image as a whole while trying to keep relevant amongst our competitors in the ever-competitive software industry.

More of my duties consist of: BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and SF Muni ad campaigns, copywriting, event signage and materials, presentation design, email marketing, physical and digital billboards.

Odoo's canna-forward thinking

Always looking ahead, Odoo is actively working towards bettering its solutions for the cannabis industry with a 'Metrc' integrated application, used to track commercial cannabis in over 12 states. It was my pleasure to design an app icon to match our style of icons, giving developers two options: our classic green or teal "action" color.

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