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Mi Lindo Sinaloa

Worked with the client to help provide an identity for a Mexican seafood restaurant. Branding included: logo design, typography usage, color palette, and pattern applications.


Logo design, brand identity


Mi Lindo Sinaloa



The client had a clearly defined goal in wanting to start a Mexican seafood restaurant specific to the coastal town of Mazatlan in Sinaloa, MX. Being a tourist town, Mazatlan is known for it's golf cart taxis called 'pulmonia's'. 

With the region also being well known for it's seafood, it made sense to combine a shrimp character driving a pulmonia as the logo— seaside vibes included.

Tacos & Seafood

With a perfect menu of dishes specific to the city of Mazatlan, Mexico— Mi Lindo Sinaloa has some of the best Camarones ala diabla, Marisciada, and even offers imported Toni Cola directly from Sinaloa. 

Fremont, CA

(510) 894-0797

4796 Thornton Ave

Fremont, CA 94536

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