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Sun Shines Warm

Provided client with full album design, print, and production including: cd cover, back cover, inner sleeves, and liner notes. Designed further marketing materials promoting said album— such as posters, flyers and event signage. Album cover photo by Oln Verayne. All other photography by Donald Hunt.


Album cover, liner notes, poster and flyer design. Photography. 


Linc Wayne



The challenge was finding a way to brand LincWayne's unique sound, but not go over the top. We wanted to bring a modern touch to some of the branding following the album design, but still wanted to maintain a classic look and feel.

This was solved by choosing a simple mauve hue with just the right amount of funk, and some aged old texture complimented by an off-white Baskerville typeface. Liner notes included consistent type, along with additional web and other marketing materials. 

LincWayne is a SF Bay Area

based musician/singer-songwriter with an eclectic range of styles. Teaching guitar for over forty years in electric, acoustic, and more recently— lap slide guitars. Developing a unique approach over time, Linc is one of the few guitarists to play using 3 steel slides at once.

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