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Bold & Smooth Coffee

Creating a visual identity solely based on the fanatical pursuit of what one could consider the ideal cup, Bold & Smooth Coffee was birthed (or brewed)— offering an array of flavors, sure to satisfy every level of taste.


Brand identity





The logo consists of classic stencil typography with both bold & smooth characteristics, complimenting the name. A separate 'b&s' lockup serves as a secondary identifier, and is used in different packaging adaptations.

A set of icons were created expanding on the aesthetics of the logo, following the style and structure of the letters and their shapes. This gave the brand a unique set of graphic assets to be used across their packaging, social media and merchandise.


Light Roast

This single-origin coffee offers a bright and spicy aroma reminiscent of French

toast, with a subtle finish of cream.


Dark Blend

For those with more of a mature palette, the 'Bitter & Bold' blend delivers exactly what it says.


House Blend

Roll in with the fog and enjoy our signature blend, with delectable sweet and sour notes.

Come get it how you want it.

Want it bold? Need it smooth? How about both, or neither? 

However you want it, however you need it— we got it.

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